Our Faculty


Vic Victor is a husband, a father, and a marriage and family therapist and consultant. Victor is passionate about helping couples to maximize their relationship by removing barriers that hinder couples and by offering coping skills for enjoying a blissful relationship. As a systems adherent, Victor integrates techniques and interventions from Structural Therapy and Spirituality to find solutions for his clients. As a multi-jurisdictional trained lawyer, Victor draws from his experience as practicing family law attorney and mediator to educate his clients on the process and consequences of separation and divorce. Victor believes in healing the mind, body, and soul by addressing the root cause of the presenting problem. Victor is the President of The Institute For marriage and Family Affairs Inc.


May Victor, LLB, BL, MSN, PMHNP is the Co-Founder and Co-President of The Institute for Marriage and Family Affairs (TIMFA). Rev May is a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner with over 24 years of experience in the healthcare industry. May is Co-Founder of Twogether For Ever Inc. and Single for Now Inc., two global organizations dedicated to promoting the ideals of covenant marriage and helping families stay together. May is the Medical Director of VigorLife Ltd., which provides mental health, substance abuse, and wellness services to couples and families in the United States and Sub-Saharan Africa. As a trained lawyer with several years of legal practice in the United States and Nigeria, May brings versatile experience in legal, medical, ministerial, and therapeutic services to TIMFA. As a master motivator and consummate administrator, her passion for purposefulness and progress in training and mentoring students and couples is priceless. She is a believer in the saying that Two joined together by God can make it forever. May has been married for 29 years to Rev Vic Victor and they have three adult children together.


Tunde Elesin is a leader in Daystar Christian center where he leads other leaders in the cell system that impact over 600 people weekly positively in Lagos. He serves in the family life ministry of the Daystar Christian Center Church where he mentors, counsels, and encourages couples. He also has over 15 years of experience in the Nigerian oil & gas sector providing business development and leadership in the upstream oil and gas business in Nigeria. He has a special interest in negotiating new businesses & creating great teams. Tunde holds a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical engineering and has taken several management courses at the Lagos business school & other reputable institutions. He is a lover of God that believes in expanding God’s kingdom through creative outreaches, teaching plus grooming young people for successful living, and building team centered marriages. He lives in Lagos, Nigeria with his Teammate for life – Bridget Elesin and their three lovely children.


Bridget Elesin, is a live interpretation coach/mentor, speaker, writer and a master practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming. She is a solution provider and connector extraordinaire. Her mission in life is to help people by encouraging them to live well and enjoy every stage of life with eternity in view. She teaches individuals how to live their best life with transformational results. She has a passion for helping families work as a team and she has achieved this consistently by deliberately working with men to be better men, husbands, and fathers as heads of their homes and teaching women to have healthy self-esteem and be all God has made them to be as women, wives, and mothers.

Bridget is also a highly sought-after speaker in youth conferences as she teaches on intentional living and relationship management. She loves praying, traveling, learning, networking, and enjoys writing for men and women in various social media platforms. She is the author of the book “Fathers: you must take the lead”, the 21 days complete woman challenge eBook, and Fatherhood mastery guide eBook.  She is also the creator of the Marriage Mindset program, Fatherhood Mastery program, and Complete Woman program, which are training programs that help men and women to be better in every way. Bridget Elesin is joyfully married to her favorite person in the world – Tunde Elesin. They are blessed with three prophetic children and together they make up Team Elesin.



Dr. Clara Obi-Ochiabuto, is a Law lecturer at the University of Nigeria Nsukka, Enugu Campus. She graduated from the University of Benin, Nigeria with a degree in Political Science and obtained her Law degrees, (LL. LL.B (Nig), B.L (Lagos), LL.M (Nig) and Ph.D. (Nig). Dr. Obi-Ochiabuto has held several positions including State Counsel,  Abia State Ministry of Justice, Treasurer for FIDA, (International Federation of Women Lawyers) Zonal Eastern Coordinator, and Jesus Missionary Commission.


Anuoluwapo Sadare is a wife, a mother, a lawyer, a marriage counselor, and a business owner. She has been married for some years now and has been a lawyer for 9 years. She is affiliated with “Together For Ever Marriage Inc.”, a marriage and relationship ministry based in the USA. she is currently an administrative ambassador of the ministry in Nigeria and an administrator on one of TIMFA’s social media platforms. she completed a conference and workshop in October 2013, where Anu was officially commissioned, along with a few others. Another workshop was held in February 2014, where she further obtained an Advanced Certification as a marriage counselor. Anu and her husband have made their home available for “Friendship Centre” for Praise Fowowe’s “Sexocentric” ministry, a ministry set up to help put a stop to sexual abuse in Nigeria, with a focus on children. They run a website called True Talk, a blogs and discussions website dealing with various aspects of life issues. It’s open to people who have marriage challenges and relationship issues and it enables them to reach out. Anu manages her law Practice (Black Pearl Legal Services) and marriage counseling close to home, which enables her to provide services to her neighbors, family, and friends.

Ozioma Enyinnaya Phillips

Ozioma Enyinnaya Phillips – is a marriage and family enthusiast trained and certified by The Institute For Marriage & Family Affairs (TIMFA) USA. He is a Teens and Youth Coach/Influencer; a Marriage Mentor, a Counselor and a Relationship Coach. He currently coordinates the Teens Church of the Hospital Chapel (a non-denominational worship center) in Abuja and also volunteers as an Associate Trainer Secretary/Mentor with the Nigerian Fellowship of Evangelical Students (NIFES) – Abuja Zone. He has recently started a platform for mentoring Singles/Newlyweds with the intent to increase their knowledge in Marital Relationship and Family Lifestyle Solutions (MR&FLS). He is a trained Information Technologist and has worked in the public service as an Auditor, Information & Communication Technology (ICT) Officer, a Planning, Research, and Statistics Officer, and an HIV/AIDS Project & Gender Relations Officer. Phillips has been married to Gold Eberechukwu since 2001, the union is blessed with 2 girls and a boy and they reside in Abuja, Nigeria.