About TIMFA Associated Counselors

TIMFA Associated Counselors is a group of highly skilled and globally credentialed counselors dedicated to providing quality counseling services and counselor I mentoring I coaching education for professional development across the world.


Our vision is to provide quality counseling
services for our communities, and world-class education
for counselors, coaches and mentors.


Core Values of TIMFA Associated Counselor are:

  • Services
  • Training and
  • Networking


The mission of the TIMFA Associated Counselors are:

  • To provide access to quality counseling services
  • To provide counselor training, supervision and resources
  • To promote growth of professional counseling services
  • To connect counselors locally and internationally
  • Slogan: We are here for you.

General Qualification For Membership

Our membership is open to all who meet the following qualifications:

  1. Must have the passion
  2. Must possess advanced TIMFA certifications (MMAC) requirement preferably a degree in counselling, psychology or social work.
  3. Must have a minimum of BA, BSc, HND (equivalent).
  4. Must provide 3 references from TIMFA alumni
  5. Must select 2 to 3 areas of practice
  6. Complete registration and training TAC
  7. Execute Counselor Association Agreement

Categories of membership and benefits

– Annual Subscription N80,000
– Monthly Continuing education

– 1 case conferencing in a month
– 30% discount on all TIMFA certifications

– Annual Subscription – N150,000
– Free Bi-Annual continuing education

– 3 case conference/consultation/supervisions per month
– 30% Discount to TAC Professional Development Program
– Access to counselor Treatment Team Meeting
– Eligibility for TIMFA client referral.

TIMFA Associated Counselor Partner (TACP)

Annual Subscription: N350,000

  • Supervision of 5 – 7 Counselor
  • Eligible of 50% Annual Subscription of Supervisees
  • Unlimited continuing education
  • Unlimited case conference/consultation/supervisions
  • 50% Discount to TAC Professional Development Program
  • 5Unlimited Access to counselor Treatment Team Meeting
  • Eligibility for TIMFA client referral Supervision
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