Managing Depression And Anxiety

Course available for 60 days
Mental illness is nothing to be ashamed of. It is a medical problem, just like heart disease or diabetes. These are disorders that affect a person’s mood, thought process and behavior. Some of those mental illnesses will include depression, anxiety disorders, schizophrenia, eating disorders, addictive behaviors and a host of others. Mental illness does not discriminate; it can affect anyone regardless of your age, gender, geography, income, social status, race/ethnicity, religion/spirituality, sexual orientation, background or other aspect of cultural identity.


*Understand the overview of Mental Illness.
*Understand what Depression is
*Understand the different types of depression, the signs and symptoms of Depression, the causes and risk factors of Depression and the treatment of Depression
*Understand what Anxiety Disorder is including types of Anxiety disorders with their symptoms, risk factors of Anxiety Disorder and treatments for Anxiety Disorder
*Understand the psychotherapy interventions for Depression and Anxiety Disorders

*Understand how to cope with a spouse with depression and anxiety

Accessible for 60 days

Managing Depression And Anxiety Pt 1 [Video]
48: 52 mins
Managing Depression And Anxiety Pt 2 [Video]
41: 06 mins
Managing Depression And Anxiety

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