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Intimacy & Sex

The Word says that the two shall become one flesh. After you have developed an effective communication skill, the next thing in the process of marriage is to use that communication skill to communicate and understand your spouse. The language skills we acquired will help us to communicate our deepest feelings and exchange information for building that successful marriage. God may have made you for each other, but you have to understand each other before you can succeed.

It is not enough that you are meant for each other, you have to understand where you complement each other. Your spouse is supposed to compliment you in the areas of your life that you need help and that makes for one formidable team.
Mentor’s Guide: If communication is the engine that powers the relationship between husband and wife, intimacy is the oil that lubricates it.

Quality romance and intimacy between a husband and wife reduces conflict between the couple. Without satisfying intimacy, the engine of the relationship runs rough; the body runs slow and ultimately grinds to a halt.

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Intimacy & Sex [Video]
Intimacy & Sex

Intimacy & Sex Assessment
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