Marriage Mentors Certification Course (MMCC)


The demand for helping hands for married couples and families like, mentors, counselors, therapist, ministers is at all time high in the world. As a certified marriage mentor, you may focus on preparing young adults for family life, providing couples with skills and information to make their relationship better, helping couples to pick up the pieces of their relationship or life. Within this three broad areas are sub areas of specializations and special populations like domestic violence victims, step families, Second marriages, polygamous families, life skills or help long distance relationship. Our courses provide the keys to healthy relationships, and expose students to the root causes of problems in relationships. While other courses focus on what is happening between couples (symptoms), we go beyond what is happening to why its happening. We identify, train, empower and equip individuals, community and religious leaders, heads of NGos and government functionaries to help their followers to maintain healthy relationship and thereby minimize absenteeism and maximize productivity. We provide structures and systems for maximum result in marriage and family practice. TIMFA recognizes that marriage is an an un-insurable risk so we prepare counselors and couples to manage their risk with cutting edge information and result oriented skills to make informed decision and avoid blindside.